How your Cashback Works

DiscountLife gives you a 30% Cashback on your first years life insurance premium. e.g. $100 monthly premium x 12 = $1,200 x 30% = $360 Cashback.

When your policy starts DiscountLife will credit your bank account in full with your Cashback $ amount.

Conditions applying to Cashback

The Cashback is not payable if you are replacing an existing life policy already started through DiscountLife. If you are replacing an existing policy with a policy from the same insurer, we will only pay a Cashback on any increase in premium. If you cancel your policy through DiscountlLife or it lapses through non-payment within two years of the policy commencement, you are required to refund the Cashback in full to DiscountLife within ten days.

DiscountLife was established so customers could compare life insurance quotes from reputable New Zealand Insurance companies, apply online and be eligible for a 30% cashback refund of the first years annual premium, upon policy issue.

If you want a confidential chat or expert advice about your insurance needs, you are welcome to phone us on 0800 505 200

"I went with DiscountLife because of the discount offered. The service was first class"

Ron - (Pukekohe)

"My first time with Discount Life. They kept me well informed along the way plus having a choice of insurance companies was great. Would use them again as they have a good discount"

Shoerd - (Wellington)